Cr6+ free passivation of aluminum
As an alternative to the Cr6+ containing Alodine 1200 AHC Benelux offers the Cr6+ free passivation Surtec® 650.

Through the chromating process a chromate layer (conversion layer) is formed onto a metal surface. AHC Benelux offers both, Cr6 + free passivation, Surtec® 650 as well as Cr6 + content layers, Alodine.

The chromating process converts the aluminium base layer into another aluminum connection. This thin conversion layer protects the substrate against corrosion and is an excellent basis for the application of various types of lacquering and paintings. After lacquering the chromate layer gives a perfect and long lasting protection against undercorrosion.

AHC Benelux offers yellow chromating (Alodine 1200) as well as the Cr6+ free passiviation of Aluminum, Surtec® 650.


Layer properties and specifications

Max. layer thickness

< 1µm without any influence on the tolerances

Corrosion protection

max. 336 hours salt spray test according to

DIN EN ISO 9227 ASTM B-117

Electrical conductivity

< 32,25 mΩ x cm2


slightly iridescent

IMDS number


Max. size

1.900 x 500 x 850 mm (max. 500 Kg)

General specifications

MIL-DTL-81706-B and





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