Selective hard chrome plating on high speed
Given the future restrictions on the use of hexavalent chromium as of 2017 according to the EU chemical regulation, REACH, this selective, environmentally-friendly process SELGA-COAT® CHROME presents an ideal alternative.

SELGA-COAT® CHROME is a selective hard chrome plating process. Defined surface areas can be hard chrome plated in a targeted manner. The parts are placed in mechanisms that allow the plating electrolyte to access only the intended areas for treatment. Any parts of a component that do not need to be coated are covered in a special tool with an incorporated sealing system. The selective plating method is also considerably more efficient and more environmentally friendly than conventional hard chrome processes.

The plating occurs in a closed system, that means, there aren't any open tanks of chromic acid solution. The operator never comes in contact with hexavalent chromium. Next, the system operates with zero wastewater and practically complete recirculation of the used chemicals.

The unique feature of the SELGA-COAT® CHROME process is that it is operated with a five-to-six-times-higher current density as compared to conventional hard chrome. 


Process Details
Type of process

Selektive hard chrome plating in a closed system,

without the use of tanks

Plateable alloys

Stahl (Kohlstoffstahl oder gehärteter Stahl)

Anzahl der Lagen



Sehr genaue Schichtdickenverteilung 

(zum Beispiel 25 ± 2 µm)


- Härte 850 - 1,200 HV

- Korrosionsschutz > Rp 8 superfinished nach 240 Std. 

  Salzsprühnebeltest gem. DIN EN ISO 9277 und bei

  einer Schichdicke zwischen 20 und 25 µm

- Rauigkeit Ra=0.04 mit superfinish möglich


- "Grünes Verfahren": so gut wie keine Emissio an

   Wasser, Luft und Erde

- Ungefährliches Verfahren: Kein Kontakt zu 

  hexavalenten Chrom

- Hohe Abscheidungsrate (5µm pro minute)

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ESEF Innovator Award

Top speed hard chrome plating
AHC Benelux is selected as Innovator of the ESEF Awards. The selective hard chrome process SELGA-COAT® CHROME of AHC Benelux was recently crowned by the jury of the ESEF Awards as “Innvoator” in the category of material applications
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