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AHC Benelux B.V. is part Aalberts Industries Industrial Services and has its facilities in Eindhoven and Venlo.

This group consists of independently operating, affiliated companies in the fields of heat and surface treatments. Together, we make up an extensive network which meets all requirements relating to upgrading materials and components. Thanks to an excellent cooperation amongst the individual sites, Aalberts Industries Industrial Services is now Europe’s leading supplier of functional processes and it is our aim to continue expanding this network throughout Europe.

Our facility in Eindhoven is specialized in electroplating, electroless nickel and synergetic coatings. With the use of 8 production lines, a various range of processes are running 24 hours per day parallel. This ensure a high degree of flexibility.

AHC in Venlo has large, fully-automated lines and focuses primarily on technical and hard anodizing, synergetic coatings, electroless nickel on steel as well as on specific treatments such as chromic acid anodizing, chromating and lacquering. At this facility we offer also a large number of different diameters of hard anodized aluminum pneumatic tubes.

Both facilities have ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 14001. As AHC in Venlo is active in the automotive industry this facility is also certified according ISO TS 16949.

Our "Technology Management" departement plays an important role for both plants when it comes to optimize existing processes and develop new ones.

From major technological, legal and political developments, we are always up to date. As a result, AHC Benelux BV is able to respond quickly and adequatelyon impending changes.

Technology exchange by customized workshops plays an important role for us. To strengthen the market position of both, AHC and its customers, we are glad to share our knowledge.

Our range consists of more than 20 different methods, these are most important ones:

HART-COAT®  Hard anodizing
TUFRAM® Aluminumoxide with polymer particles
SELGA-COAT® CHROME Selective hard chrome plating
DURNI-COAT® Electroless Nickel
NEDOX® Electroless Nickel with polymer particles
HI-T-LUBE® The "slipperiest" coating in the world
HMF® Mirror smooth microfinishing
LECTROFLOUR®                Layercombination with polymers
GLISSCOAT® 2083 Anodic treatment for demping systems
High Tech Galvanics

Gold- Silver- and Tin plating as well as Nickel Sulfamate

SURTEC® 650      Cr6+ passivation of aluminum

Technical anodizing



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