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Automation Silverplatingline
The AHC plant in Eindhoven will soon automate their silverplatingline, with a significant increase of the capacity as one of the results.

By this, not inconsiderable expense, AHC invested in quality assurance, capacity expansion and efficiency.

The rebuilt line, with maximum component dimension of 1,900 x 500 x 850 mm, count both, nationally and internationally to the most advanced equipment for galvanic silverplating of mechanical components.

The line is suitable for both rack and barrel plating, for single parts and massproduction. Our monitoring system (IPC-AWS) monitors 24 hours per day the quality of the (rinsing-)water. In addition, we have a special purification plant, especially developed for the purification and reuse of the rinsing water.

For further questions please contact  manager sales, Mr. Thorsten Karla.

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